About us


Good afternoon, dear friends,

Thanks for attending our annual party. Compared with the past few years, Techen has experienced the most obvious changes ever in 2016.

All our subsidiaries have made great progress. In 2017, we want to make some adjustments, to expend the potential business, and narrow the limited ones.
While looking back, we still have weakness.
First of all,we have 7 subsidiaries in different areas. However, our team building lags behind the business development.
Secondly, our recourses are too dispersing to solve the crucial problem.
Thirdly,the energy and creativity of the mid and basic level staff has not been stimulated.

Anyway,we made some progress in 2017. Thanks for all our staff’s contribution to bring Techen onto the new stage. Under the circumstance of relative depressed industry, here comes our opportunity.
First, we need to keep learning and moving, with careful thoughts;
Second, we need to break the mindset and be creative and result-oriented.
Third, keep the passion.This is the first condition of success.
Fourth, have the ability to endure the heavy blow.

Let’s seize the moment, to create our unique and wonderful future!


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